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The ultimate solution for C-Extension chromatic latches or gates!

Anzellotti Bass Capos

The RobPin

The biggest innovation of the RobPin is the "Bottom Block Rest" which takes on most of the bass's weight. This eliminates most of the typical stresses on the socket, bottom block, and pin.


Once you have it adjusted to your preference, you only slip it in and out of the socket when you are packing and unpacking the bass. When detached, it might even fit into the accessory pocket of your bag! The set screw in your socket needn't even be especially tight. The weight of the bass goes onto the "Bottom Block Rest", keeping the bracket from turning.

Height and angle adjustment:

The RobPin comes with three interchangeable rods of different lengths, giving it a good range of height adjustment. The angle of the pin going to the floor can be set at 25°, 35°, or 45°. If your endpin is not 10mm, then adapters are available. If it doesn't come out of the socket, then you naturally need to remove the holding pin, or have your luthier do it.

Bass Clamps

This clamp is an improvement over an existing idea. A luthier friend has been bugging me for years to develop this, but it was not until I used one that I understood how useful they are. The back plate turns 9° left or right, but holds a right angle in the vertical axis. Made of extremely hard Bamboo plywood with stainless screw and rods, and the 1.5mm silicone pads are non-stick and easy to keep clean. 26cm maximum opening. The advantage over spool clamps is that they don't twist when tightening, conform to the tapers, and cover a wider area, so you get a seam closed way faster than before!

C Extension Pulleys

I now make two pulleys especially for extension builders. They use an Igus™ plastic sleeve bearing which has a 350 lb. static load rating. The large pulley is 22mm O.D. x 5mm width (~7/8"x3/16") The smaller pulley is 1/2" (12.7mm) O.D. and is intended as a secondary for multi-pulley designs. The included shaft is 1/4 inch (6.35mm). Inch drills are available from me for metric countries.

A feature of the small pulley is that it can be installed from the side. You can bore a 1/2" or 13mm hole partway into the extension body and then a 1/4" (6.3mm) hole through to the other side, and cap it with a brass spacer. If you want to do this make sure to ask for the spacer and an untrimmed sleeve.

All pulleys work for strings up to 1/8" diameter. This includes almost all Long Es except Oliv, Labella, or most Nylon tape wound strings. If you want to use a thicker string, I can adjust the groove radius to your spec. I can even make up a custom pulley, if you want different dimensions. Custom pulleys are available with either the Igus™ sleeve bearing or a sealed ball bearing.

Tailpiece Wire / Clamp

This cable/clamp system has been designed to maximize flexibility and strength while minimizing bulk and weight. The cable is 133 strand 1/16" (1.6mm) super-flexible stainless aircraft cable with a nylon coating. Break strength is 480lb. (218kg). Typical installed weight is 10 grams. The aluminum collar is 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter. A 1/2" (12.5mm) collar is also available for cables up to 3/32" (2.5mm).