Have a fingered C-Extension?   Considering getting one?

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The ultimate solution for C-Extension chromatic latches or gates!

Anzellotti Bass Capos

Alternative Bracket Options

Sliding Capos

Another mounting option is to make a 5mm thick slot all the way through the extension body, and these brackets are then secured from the G side with an M4 machine screw. More adjustment range than with my normal brackets, and perhaps better aesthetically for some.

Faux Ebony Brackets

Made from acetal, a strong thermoplastic, but finished to look like ebony. I offer these mainly because some customers prefer black, but they are also a fifth of the weight of the brass brackets, which also appeals to some.

Cello Brackets

Originally a custom job for a London cellist, these brackets have become useful for installers working with existing extensions which are exceptionally thin, and make my regular brackets hard to fit. They are only 10mm tall, as opposed to the 12.5mm of my standard bracket. Some luthiers also prefer the aesthetic, which they find fits better with English style machines.