Have a fingered 'C' Extension?   Considering getting one?

Anzellotti Bass Capos

The ultimate solution for 'C' Extension chromatic latches or gates!

Anzellotti Bass Capos


With thousands of sets sold, installations found on basses from American high schools to dozens of major orchestras worldwide, and orders always on the rise, Bass Capos have shown their mettle. Please enjoy my site!

Standard Capos:

This is what I have been doing for 20 years. A strip of leather is wrapped tightly around a brass finger. It works well and is quite durable.

Ebony Capos:

Capitulating to customer demand I introduced my Ebony Fingers. After trying them out myself, I can see why some players prefer a larger and more rounded finger. I can also make these in other hardwoods upon request.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Operation is Quick, Secure, Precise, and Silent
  • Fingering on extension not impaired

Ebony fingers!

Some players either prefer a wood finger for aesthetic reasons, or they are simply more comfortable with a larger surface to grab.

These can also be done in other woods. For example, It is a nice touch to match the color to your scroll varnish!

Photos credit to Michael Griffin, creator of this bass and the extension.

New! The RobStool

At 1.5 kg (3 lbs.) it is the lightest and most practical bass stool on the planet.

Assembly required. You need to insert three machine screws through the seat into the legs, and tighten two screws in the footrest, but this takes less than a minute. Well worth the effort if you are commuting via public transport or have a long walk.

Order you personal height preference. Must be within 60 - 80 cm (23.5" - 31.5")

As you see, you can place the legs in your bow pouch or hang them from your backpack. The legs section alone only weighs 750g (1.5 lbs.) so won't impact carrying comfort. The seat and footrest can go in the music pouch or in your backpack.

Although very light, it is also very sturdy and stable. A 260 lb. neighbor tried it and found it structurally sound.

The drawback? Since it is so light it does have a tendancy to skate across the floor or fall over. If you are used to sitting on an orchestra stool and have to get up consantly to turn pages, then there will be a slight learning curve. I needed only minutes to adjust, but you will need to be cautious in the first days.

Double bass 'C' Extension Capos, also known as chromatic latches, closers, or gates, attach to the fingered extension, giving the player added capability when playing the extended notes. By stopping a note on the extension with the Capo, the note temporarily becomes effectively an open string, and need not be stopped with a finger. This reduces much of the technical disadvantage associated with fingered extensions. Anzellotti Bass Capos offer an advantage over other 'C' extension closures in that they are easy to install and adjust compared to handmade latches, and they were carefully designed and engineered to maximize performance.