Attention Double Bassists:
Have a fingered C-Extension?

C-Extension Capos from Rob Anzellotti


Scroll with C-Extension Capos

Designed by a Mechanical Engineer and trained Musician, this design has proven reliable for fifteen plus years. Don't be satisfied with the copies. Unlike other designs, these capos are:

Easy to install Easy to use Easy to adjust

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  1. They can be mounted on most existing C-extensions without altering or even removing the extension from the bass. Some bassists with mechanical extensions have even chosen to remove the machine and install capos instead.
  2. They close firmly where they are set to close, without need for "frets" as some designs incorporate. Operation is quick and quiet.
  3. When open, they interfere in no way with normal fingering on the extension.
  4. They are adjustable for intonation, and can be fine-adjusted by the player, as might be required when switching to a different kind of C-string.
  5. They add little weight or bulk to the instrument (about 35 grams per unit)
  6. The only drilling is in the extension. The scroll is not touched.
  7. Matching E-stop also available. Installs with two screws under the nut, so again no visible scars result.
  8. BassCapos are currently being used by double bassists in the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, The Boston Symphony, and the Tonhalle Orchestra of Zurich and are described in Chuck Traeger's new book, Setup and Repair of the Double Bass
  9. Detailed specs and installation instructions available upon request