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The ultimate solution for C-Extension chromatic latches or gates!

Anzellotti Bass Capos

Revolutionary Endpins and Sockets

Developed in collaboration with Saddle Rider Music, the pin is secured in the socket using a "ring shaft collar" approach which is common in machinery applications. This holds very solidly, no matter the pin material.

The other innovation is that instead of integrating the taper for the bottom block hole into the unit, which means that the socket will be too big or too small on some basses, the taper is a separate 3D printed part. It is inserted into the bottom block, marked, and cut flush. Then it slides onto the socket and voila! A perfect fit without re-reaming, bushing, or shimming with emery cloth!

The socket can be used on any bass or cello, and the job can be done at home by anyone with some basic skills. You just need to order the right sized tapered shim.

Made from black anodized aircraft aluminum with stainless holding screws. At roughly 160 grams installed weight it isn't the lightest socket out there, but is in the range of ebony sockets with a brass collar.

I am now offering 10mm pins in either brushed cold rolled carbon steel tube (bottom), woven carbon fiber tube (middle), or solid carbon fiber rod (top). All include the Saddle Rider Music rubber ball and threaded tip. There is much debate about what pin material is best. John prefers the cold rolled steel tube and I find that it also sounds best on my bass, and what I now use for the RobPin. Others prefer CF or wood though. We are in the process of making 16mm or 5/8" sockets, tips, and pins. This size will accommodate wood pins, and provide a solution for those with failing Ulsa pins.

The threaded tips are surgical stainless steel and the balls are molded in an EDPM rubber selected for maximum grip and durability. Both are available separately.

Saddle Rider Music

16mm / 5/8" Replacement Pins

Endpin assemblies whose pins don't have a threaded point.

Available in either carbon steel tube with 1mm wall or solid hickory. Other materials available upon request.